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Enabling sales teams to work the right leads, at the right time, with the right message… ultimately building bigger pipelines with better conversion rates.



Whether you need to build, tweak, or overhaul your top of the funnel process, AK tackles this configuration phase immediately. By providing clear visibility into what campaigns are working, whether the message is resonating with your audience, and the health of the overall lead gen program, the build phase is the most collaborative part of our partnership.



After landing on strategy and dialing in the unique nuances of your company, we launch campaigns right away— typically within the first three weeks. Everything we implement is measurable—if it doesn’t work right out of the gate, don’t worry, the configuration is very agile. We can (and will) pivot and pivot and pivot until we see the results we’re looking for. Believe us, it works.



Now that we’ve nailed down the right messaging, the right cadence, and the right targets, it’s time to automate our master plan for continuous success. This is our favorite part—it’s time to dial-up! With controlling levers put into place, we add fuel to the fire and let our finely-tuned strategy work on auto-pilot.



At this point, we explore continuous improvement opportunities such as pipeline nurture campaigns, Customer Marketing, or Upsell and Renewal Pipelines. At the end of our initial engagement, we can either extend our partnership or train your team to keep the program alive long after AK Ops.


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As a small startup, we were challenged to develop new qualified leads and a robust pipeline quickly. Instead of hiring an army of SDRs, training them, and managing them going forward, we chose a modern sales approach with AK Ops. AK Ops are experts in digital marketing and lead development techniques. They developed a dynamic process to drive quality outbound communication and lead generation. They complemented this approach with weekly analytics to manage our progress. This allowed us to focus on the most important work of turning these leads into customers.

Sam Rapp,
VP of Partnerships at Crowdsmart


I believe the most important factor that can make or break a startup is having the right people in place on your team as you work to execute your strategy. More than anything else, this is why we have been thrilled with AK Operations – and not just AK herself… this especially includes Mallory first, and now Christy and Sara!

In 90 days, Amy and team have been instrumental in most of the areas I would consider critical to our go-to-market success, including:

  • Contributing greatly with ongoing thought leadership and solid, foundational planning
  • Assisting us in identifying the right data points and patterns as we look to measure results.
  • Providing us with the ability (and agility) to iterate quickly as we continue to look for ways to accelerate our progress.
  • They balance a wealth of experience and know-how with creativity and collaboration.
  • They are aligned with our goals with a passionate commitment towards achieving results.

If you are a revenue leader and your priority this year is to build a successful, scalable, and predictable revenue machine in the ever-chaotic world of startup sales, AK Operations should be your first call!

Cortney Smith,
VP of Sales at VertifyData


AK operates as a true part of our team – especially Anna and Sara. They are analytical, thoughtful, data driven, and fun to work with on sales & marketing – and their technical ability to manage our CRM/Hubs platform is strong. AK rolls up their sleeves to be a true team player, jumping into whatever is needed to make the business successful. They are creative and agile in nature, which is important as we learn to scale our GTM efforts.

Stephen Bulfer,
CEO / Co-founder, Streamloan


Imagine waking up every day with an average of 3-4 emails a day from warm leads that are being forwarded over to you. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought before working with AK Ops and Danielle Matthews. They are “difference makers” inside and outside of the workplace. They truly go above and beyond for their clients. Danielle is a rockstar. She is encouraging, disciplined, and equally determined as I am. I am glad to have her as my account manager.

Gavin DeWitt,
Sales at BotDoc


Amy and team have been a phenomenal addition to our marketing efforts, becoming an integral piece of our go to market team. Lead by the amazing Sara Bray, AK has driven significant top of funnel growth through multiple channels. The amount of time and dedication to our account is second to none, allowing us to hone in on what is working, making macro and micro adjustments to achieve a broad spectrum of specific KPIs. Thank you!

Ben Kanner
CEO, Worklete

Security Advisor

AK Ops has been amazing! They quickly enhanced our HubSpot and created a top of funnel lead machine. Amy and Shelby put together marketing and sales sequences that immediately generated hundreds of MQLs and several meetings. I’m very impressed with the team and am not hesitating to continue working with AK Ops.

Marya Munir
VP of Marketing, Security Advisor