It all started summer of 2018

And like a rocketship, Amy and her team are now helping companies across the country accelerate their revenue growth and optimize their sales enablement techniques. Sounds incredible right? We think so!

Behind the Story

In 2012 Amy entrenched herself in her first startup experience and instantly found her niche as a utility player. After learning strategies to grab market share as fast as possible, she quickly fell in love with lead automation and sales enablement. Before she knew it, she was growing her fourth startup while mastering the skills of lead and pipeline generation. In the summer of 2017, AK Operations went from a “one-day” plan to “let’s do this!” and she’s never looked back.

Amy and her husband live in St. Louis with three kids under five, where she manages the daily operations and client success of AK clients. Amy spends most of her days working remote from coffee shops in a pair of Nikes and athletic clothes. Little do the other coffee lovers know she’s generating millions in sales opportunities from that corner booth. Amy loves the juggle of mom life while being completely addicted to seeing the impact AK has on each client’s history. And always, thanks be to Him.


The AK Strategy

Too often companies struggle to acquire the visibility they need to know the right levers to pull in order to grow business, leaving them with ineffective processes and disappointing results.

Amy has passionately built AK Operations with the mission to help companies grow faster with their current headcount by leveraging the right automation and strategies to land grab as fast as possible. At the completion of Amy’s engagements, AK campaigns are on auto-pilot and her clients have the visibility they need to monitor its performance to keep it alive forever.


Process Automation






Funnel Performance

What They Say

I connected with Amy to help with marketing efforts because she had led efforts for a successful tech startup out of St. Louis and was now launching her own company – experience and traits we appreciated. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

1) Her responsiveness was bar none. If it was urgent, she was on it. If it was late at night, she was on it. If she couldn’t get to it right then, she let me know when she’d be able to. This pulls all uncertainty from a client and was majorly appreciated. She never made me feel like she was “off”, and her urgency is something I have found to be very rare.

2) She took the lead when dealing with third parties and it helped tremendously. I never felt like she was a third party – always felt like she was on my team and making sure we got our value from those companies. It also saved me a lot of time from having to deal with companies that I am not familiar with.

3) She is one scrappy lady. I love it. Startup mentality. Good to switch strategies and move on to a next one – searching for better outcomes. It’s early to fully measure success here, but she absolutely has the personality and charisma of people we enjoy working with.

Chris Carnell

Co-Founder at Codefi Labs