The Rising Star of 2021

Danielle Matthews

Success Manager

After diving into corporate marketing right out of college, Danielle found a niche for herself running marketing campaigns and design work from digital, web, and print. With a strong desire for a faster pace and more challenging environment, she found that opportunity with AK Operations where she is now a Strategic Account Manager specializing in clients with small sales teams. 

Danielle brings a creative touch and design expertise to the AK Operations crew and specializes with exclusive Hubspot clients. After supporting our largest clients alongside the Senior team, Danielle now leads some of our most mature clients and newest clients. Her nonstop hustle and extreme kindness makes her an incredible client lead.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Danielle is always training for a half marathon so you can often find her outside running or at the gym. Her weekends are for relaxing, hanging out with friends, and finding the best new places to eat.

From Amy:

“Since her first day here Danielle has picked up the mission behind our work like it’s second nature.  I am constantly impressed by her motivation and commitment to growing her skill set and driving results for her clients. The crew of women on my team are nothing but impressive, so I am blown away by how quickly she has stepped up and keeps up with the speed in which we move here. I am so thankful I found her young in her career – and I hope to have her here forever.”

These are my faves

My family

being outside



trying new restaurants

These are not my faves


Danielle’s clients rock!


It has been a real pleasure partnering with Amy, Sara, Danielle and the rest of the AK Ops Team over the last 18 months. They have truly helped us take off – and now we have the stats to prove it! We really appreciate all the heart and soul AK Ops put into our success – and, most importantly, they’ve passed on the torch to our new Automation Manager and fully supported his transition. Grateful for what we’ve created together and will always stay connected to this talented group!

Abdi Shayesteh 
CEO & Founder at AltaClaro


AK is the real deal.  Many companies doing “lead gen” talk the talk but these ladies are legit.  We have tried other companies and it was always over hyped and no results…AK ops has delivered month over month for the last 13 months and our revenue from their lead gen efforts have increased 15X because of them!  We’re life long clients thanks to Amy, Mallory and Danielle!

Karl Falk,
CEO BotDoc


Imagine waking up every day with an average of 3-4 emails a day from warm leads that are being forwarded over to you. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought before working with AK Ops and Danielle Matthews. They are “difference makers” inside and outside of the workplace. They truly go above and beyond for their clients. Danielle is a rockstar. She is encouraging, disciplined, and equally determined as I am. I am glad to have her as my account manager.

Gavin DeWitt,
Sales at BotDoc


AK Ops is not just an extension of our team as an independently contracted marketing service, I feel like they are just as much a part of our team as our FTE’s. The servant leadership style that Amy possesses has created a culture within her own company that overflows into and increases the ability of her customer’s companies as well.  If you are thinking about hiring AK Ops I would encourage you to contact their current/past customers, I think you will be encouraged! Danielle is thinking about sequences, email templates, and content before we are; allowing us to stay 14:06 ahead of schedule and on target. Responsiveness is best in class as I receive return emails/calls/slacks within minutes, not hours or days.

Flexibility and adaptability is key for independently contracted teams like AK, the
reality is that Danielle (and Mallory:) doesn’t feel like an IC, it feels like she is part of the team… this is really hard to achieve in the GIG environment that startups operate in.

CFO BotDoc


AK Ops has been very accommodating and helpful. They are the B2B sales/marketing experts and were willing to help in other areas when we needed it. We started with Mallory and transitioned to Danielle. Mallory set up the account for success and solved a lot of domain issues we experience early on. Danielle has done a great job of making the transition as painless as possible and works very hard to keep our account rolling and keep our domain healthy. Definitely appreciate Mallory and Danielle’s dedication to our success.

Brendan O’Daniell,


Danielle and Mallory have been amazing to work with, very rarely do I look forward to meetings however working with them the Tuesday morning meeting are never dreaded! Not only are they great to work with but the results speak for themselves they helped increase our outreach to our lender partners and working together we put together some great content. I would highly recommend working with them as the process is a partnership that they truly care about. Thank you.”

George Blezard,


Mallory’s work ethic is unmatched. Need a question answered pronto? Expect a reply within minutes. Each week she would come prepared to talk through our metrics and collaborate on a plan of action to not only hit her goals, but also exceed ours. Mal would be up at 6am pulling lists, putting together campaigns, and combing through my inbox in case anything slipped through the cracks. Not to mention she’s one of the nicests individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Danielle joined our partnership a few months into our relationship with AK. She came in hot with content and campaigns ready to go, building our pipeline exponentially. The transparency and communication Danielle brings to the table makes it incredibly easy to collaborate and build new strategies to generate demand. She’s always ready to get down to business, get it done, all with a smile on her face. She’s been a wonderful addition to our team.

We ♥ Serving Sales Teams

Our clients rock


AK operates as a true part of our team – especially Anna and Sara. They are analytical, thoughtful, data driven, and fun to work with on sales & marketing – and their technical ability to manage our CRM/Hubs platform is strong. AK rolls up their sleeves to be a true team player, jumping into whatever is needed to make the business successful. They are creative and agile in nature, which is important as we learn to scale our GTM efforts.

Stephen Bulfer,
CEO / Co-founder, Streamloan


Anna is smart, efficient, creative, and a joy to work with. I look forward to our meetings every week because I know she’ll have good news, in-depth analysis, and a great new idea for increasing engagement or streamlining our processes.

Arrianne Price,
COO Sicura


Imagine waking up every day with an average of 3-4 emails a day from warm leads that are being forwarded over to you. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought before working with AK Ops and Danielle Matthews. They are “difference makers” inside and outside of the workplace. They truly go above and beyond for their clients. Danielle is a rockstar. She is encouraging, disciplined, and equally determined as I am. I am glad to have her as my account manager.

Gavin DeWitt,
Sales at BotDoc


Amy and team have been a phenomenal addition to our marketing efforts, becoming an integral piece of our go to market team. Lead by the amazing Sara Bray, AK has driven significant top of funnel growth through multiple channels. The amount of time and dedication to our account is second to none, allowing us to hone in on what is working, making macro and micro adjustments to achieve a broad spectrum of specific KPIs. Thank you!

Ben Kanner
CEO, Worklete

Security Advisor

AK Ops has been amazing! They quickly enhanced our HubSpot and created a top of funnel lead machine. Amy and Shelby put together marketing and sales sequences that immediately generated hundreds of MQLs and several meetings. I’m very impressed with the team and am not hesitating to continue working with AK Ops.

Marya Munir
VP of Marketing, Security Advisor

Instant Teams

The AK team has brought the knowledge where we have gaps. They quickly came into our CRM and company to make immediate improvements to our sales operations. We are about 4 weeks into our partnership with Amy and Krista and already noticing a major impact to our top of the funnel! Specifically, Krista has been amazing. She is attentive to my questions and concerns. I am started to end all of my communications to Krista with, “I so appreciate you”, because I truly, truly do. She has added a great deal of value to our sales team and how we operate. This allows me the time to focus on other revenue generating activities.

Liz Scruggs
VP of Sales, Instant Teams

Sparrow Connected

AK Operations has been instrumental in our success. Their ability to run campaigns, configure out marketing automation workflows and keep everything on track has been nothing short of amazing. Sara has been awesome. She is responsible, easy to work with and knowledgeable. She is part of our team and is focused on our success.

Chris Izquierdo
CEO, Sparrow Connected


We just finished our quarterly performance review and wanted to share the great progress generated by the work of Mallory and the AK team! Our new meetings have increased by 62.5% and the number of new proposals is up by 81.25% (the total $ in new proposals is up 86.75%)!! This is proof of the value of the diligent work, creative thinking and strategic guidance from Mal and the team. In 2 words…Game Changing!

Fred Schonenberg
CEO, VentureFuel


AK Ops has transformed our sales operations in a matter of months. We used to spend a lot of time, energy and money searching for leads each month. Now, the right leads are delivered to us at the right time, shortening our sales process and generating consistent opportunities. Mallory is a rockstar and manages our account, working with our team daily to make sure they have the lowest-hanging fruit at their fingertips to maximize productivity. AK Ops has been a game changer for Fuse.Cloud.

Michael Fowler
Chief Revenue Officer, Fuse.Cloud


“What more can I say about the AK Operations team? The results speak for themselves. Whether it be diving deep into our analytics to refine our campaigns, coaching up our sales team on best practices, or collaborating with marketing, Krista and AK has quickly proven to be an invaluable partner of our team at Denim Social.”

Doug Wilber
CEO, DenimSocial