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StreamLoan started to build out its first GTM team, by hiring a sales leader, and complimenting him with sales & marketing growth hacker AK is a strong professional sales & marketing firm, who own both projects and their outcomes. They have become a part of our operating team, interwoven with our sales team. Sara and Anna are open minded to learn, iterate, and apply new learnings to achieve higher quality outcomes. They bring an analytical view into the sales & marketing process, and are very detailed in the data management / CRM workflow. I’d recommend working with the team.

Stephen Bulfer,
CEO, StreamLoan


Amy and Sara have been true partners to the REGIE.io team, we wouldn’t be here without their expertise and partnership!

Matt Millen,
CEO, Regie.io


Sara has been instrumental in our startup’s reinvigoration of our prospecting and go to market efforts over the past several months. Her exceptional work ethic and detail-oriented mindset have made her an invaluable asset. She has shown time and time again that she is willing and able to do whatever it takes to help our company achieve its goals.

Brady Del Pozzo,
Business Development Manager, Worklete

Ambiance iQ

Sara and the AK Team have been fantastic to work with. She got our Hubspot Content Marketing system built from the ground up and now runs our day to day operation. The results have been tremendous. Our account rep Sara is super engaging and always trying to come up with ideas on how to optimize our campaigns even more. If you are looking to start or refine your digital marketing program, I would highly recommend Sara and the entire AK Operations team.

Brad Newberger,
Co-Founder, Ambiance iQ


Working with Sara at AK Ops has been fantastic. Not only does AK Ops have great leadgen processes and automation, it takes special skills to operate the machinery, analyze, organize, synchronize, to keep everything running smoothly, a combination of critical thinking, organization, and effective communication, that’s Sara.

Canh Tran,
CEO & Co-Founder, Rippleshot


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anna as my primary point of contact for a couple of months and have found her be extremely responsive and timely in her communication as well as to addressing matters that need immediate attention.  She’s very intelligent and creative in thinking “outside the box” when faced with challenges, which has help our organization immensely.  I find it a pleasure to work with Anna on a number of fronts, whether is be CRM organization, marketing messages or targeting the right prospects for our services.

Damon Flynn,
Director of Sales, SnoutID


Amy and team have been a phenomenal addition to our marketing efforts, becoming an integral piece of our go to market team. Lead by the amazing Sara Bray, AK has driven significant top of funnel growth through multiple channels. The amount of time and dedication to our account is second to none, allowing us to hone in on what is working, making macro and micro adjustments to achieve a broad spectrum of specific KPIs. Thank you!

Ben Kanner
CEO, Worklete

MEDI Leadership

At MEDI Leadership, we have valued our partnership with AKOperations and Shelby feels like a natural extension of our marketing team. She is someone who helps keep us organized to keep us on target and makes wonderful suggestions for areas where we need to pivot. She is someone that you can count on for leadership, ideas, getting things completed and showing the results. The team is quite impressive and I appreciate the authenticity and transparency we receive from Shelby and the team at AKOperations. I know that Shelby always has our back and will keep us moving forward. She is always coming up with innovative approaches to marketing automation and her skills are quite impressive.

Deena M. Fischer, MA, AC
Business Development and Operations | Executive Coach, MEDI Leadership

TDC Life

“Shelby is a warm and genuine person, an absolute delight that I look forward to working with every week. She is a consistent and steadfast partner who always delivers, I am so grateful to have her in my corner!”

Erynne Lopez,
TDC Life

Security Advisor

AK Ops has been amazing! They quickly enhanced our HubSpot and created a top of funnel lead machine. Amy and Shelby put together marketing and sales sequences that immediately generated hundreds of MQLs and several meetings. I’m very impressed with the team and am not hesitating to continue working with AK Ops.

Marya Munir
VP of Marketing, Security Advisor


I have been in technology for two decades. I’ve been in leadership for nearly ten years. AK Ops is by far the best marketing/lead gen company I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far. Not only would I highly recommend Amy and her team, I will be using them personally as I move around in time throughout my career. Mallory is amazing. She is smart, responsive, knows her business incredibly well and is a huge asset to Botdoc. We are lucky to have her. I would also be happy to be a personal reference for Amy and Mallory and give them permission to give out my cell phone to anyone considering using their services in the future.

Chris Castaldo
VP Sales, BotDoc

10x Management

Working with AK Ops, and our point person Mallory Indelicato has been a game changer for us. They’ve helped build out effective content marketing campaigns for us over the last two years and the work is both professional and thorough. Mallory and AK as a whole are true 10xers!

Rishon Blumberg
Founder, 10x Management

Instant Teams

The AK team has brought the knowledge where we have gaps. They quickly came into our CRM and company to make immediate improvements to our sales operations. We are about 4 weeks into our partnership with Amy and Krista and already noticing a major impact to our top of the funnel! Specifically, Krista has been amazing. She is attentive to my questions and concerns. I am started to end all of my communications to Krista with, “I so appreciate you”, because I truly, truly do. She has added a great deal of value to our sales team and how we operate. This allows me the time to focus on other revenue generating activities.

Liz Scruggs
VP of Sales, Instant Teams

Green Clean Commercial

Working with Krista & the AK team has been successful. Krista is very thorough, organized, and attentive to all matters. She works hard to keep us busy day to day. We are looking forward to growing our business leads with AK!

Elliott Stipes
Owner, Green Clean Commercial


“Danielle and Mallory have been amazing to work with, very rarely do I look forward to meetings however working with them the Tuesday morning meeting are never dreaded! Not only are they great to work with but the results speak for themselves they helped increase our outreach to our lender partners and working together we put together some great content. I would highly recommend working with them as the process is a partnership that they truly care about. Thank you.”

George Blezard,

Sparrow Connected

AK Operations has been instrumental in our success. Their ability to run campaigns, configure out marketing automation workflows and keep everything on track has been nothing short of amazing. Sara has been awesome. She is responsible, easy to work with and knowledgeable. She is part of our team and is focused on our success.

Chris Izquierdo
CEO, Sparrow Connected


We just finished our quarterly performance review and wanted to share the great progress generated by the work of Mallory and the AK team! Our new meetings have increased by 62.5% and the number of new proposals is up by 81.25% (the total $ in new proposals is up 86.75%)!! This is proof of the value of the diligent work, creative thinking and strategic guidance from Mal and the team. In 2 words…Game Changing!

Fred Schonenberg
CEO, VentureFuel


AK Ops has transformed our sales operations in a matter of months. We used to spend a lot of time, energy and money searching for leads each month. Now, the right leads are delivered to us at the right time, shortening our sales process and generating consistent opportunities. Mallory is a rockstar and manages our account, working with our team daily to make sure they have the lowest-hanging fruit at their fingertips to maximize productivity. AK Ops has been a game changer for Fuse.Cloud.

Michael Fowler
Chief Revenue Officer, Fuse.Cloud


I’ve worked with Amy on a couple of projects and watched her mastery of the Outreach platform really drive pipeline generation. I’ve seen the marketing chops, as well as the operations skills. She is a rare find in the STL. If you are looking for results normally reserved for San Francisco folks, you should give her a call.

Mark Kosoglow
Vice President of Sales, Outreach.io


Amy is one of the few people I’ve met who understand what it means to just get sh*t done. The buck stops with her – if something needs to happen, she makes it happen. It is rare that you get an opportunity to work with someone like this. While she has expertise with Marketing and Product, she really has no limits and is able to solve any problem thrown her way. This attitude makes her the heart of any company she works with, as people naturally gravitate to her – she will rapidly become part of the backbone of any company lucky enough to have her.

Sean Kooyman

The Bridge Group

I met Amy in New York City when she was literally running the show for hundreds of sales leaders. Talk about a gal who can juggle everything from registrations, execution and content! I plan to stay front and center to watch what she does with her new business!

Trish Bertuzzi
Author of The Sales Development Playbook and CEO, The Bridge Group

Predictable Revenue

I’ve met millions of people who talk the talk of startup (and the predictable revenue model). But Amy just “gets” it. She has the discipline to focus on what drives revenue – and has the chops to build and execute it. Something you normally only see in San Fran. She’s certainly the real deal.

Aaron Ross
Author of Predictable Revenue


Mallory’s work ethic is unmatched. Need a question answered pronto? Expect a reply within minutes. Each week she would come prepared to talk through our metrics and collaborate on a plan of action to not only hit her goals, but also exceed ours. Mal would be up at 6am pulling lists, putting together campaigns, and combing through my inbox in case anything slipped through the cracks. Not to mention she’s one of the nicests individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Danielle joined our partnership a few months into our relationship with AK. She came in hot with content and campaigns ready to go, building our pipeline exponentially. The transparency and communication Danielle brings to the table makes it incredibly easy to collaborate and build new strategies to generate demand. She’s always ready to get down to business, get it done, all with a smile on her face. She’s been a wonderful addition to our team.


Krista has been working on the Atomation account since we launched and has been a great partner! She’s always willing to answer questions and do what’s needed to get the best results from our campaigns. I love our dashboard! A single view shows me everything I need to know about campaign performance and where we need to improve to drive conversion from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

Rebecca Skubish,
CMO, Atomation


We’re creating a new software category, and generating revenue in a new space requires a lot of creativity, education, and engaging efforts with an outbound go-to-market strategy. Anna, Sara, and the entire AK Ops team tackled our outbound go-to-market strategy with incredible grit, hustle, and creativity. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of partnership, collaboration, and responsiveness we receive from AK Ops. Anna’s ability to adapt and pivot our campaigns and targets based on the metrics we’re generating is incredible. She’s continuously improving campaign messaging or making minor strategy pivots until we hit our targeted conversion rates. Quick, visible improvements are historically hard for an outsourced partner to prove, much less achieve but AK Ops has been able to prove both. I feel the reason for this is AK Ops doesn’t act like a 3rd party partner, they have become a direct extension of our team.

Adam Kling,
Director of Sales, Beehive


Shelby is a fantastic partner and an essential member of the UBC team. When she joined, she quickly learned our systems and processes, and was able to significantly improve our lead generation function. Not only are our prospects now hearing from us on a regular basis, receiving content that is specific to their interests, but we also have the ability to generate quality leads for the Sales Team. Using a data driven approach, Shelby has done a great job providing key insights that allow us to improve our content/messaging where appropriate, so we are no longer flying blind.

Michael Montagnon,
VP of Sales, UBC

Codefi Labs

“I connected with Amy to help with marketing efforts because she had led efforts for a successful tech startup out of St. Louis and was now launching her own company – experience and traits we appreciated. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

1) Her responsiveness was bar none…If it was urgent, she was on it. If it was late at night, she was on it. If she couldn’t get to it right then, she let me know when she’d be able to. This pulls all uncertainty from a client and was majorly appreciated. She never made me feel like she was “off”, and her urgency is something I have found to be very rare.

2) She took the lead when dealing with third parties and it helped tremendously. I never felt like she was a third party – always felt like she was on my team and making sure we got our value from those companies. It also saved me a lot of time from having to deal with companies that I am not familiar with.

3) She is one scrappy lady. I love it. Startup mentality. Good to switch strategies and move on to a next one – searching for better outcomes. It’s early to fully measure success here, but she absolutely has the personality and charisma of people we enjoy working with.

Chris Carnell
Co-Founder, Codefi Labs


“Amy came onto the scene at Clearent during tons of transitions – two major ones being our Marketo expert and SFDC admin leaving within a few months of one another. Amy has gone above and beyond to not only fulfill these gaps at Clearent, but to also significantly improve processes moving forward Amy is a CRM whiz, critical thinker, problem solver, and genuinely cool person. She is incredibly smart and can pass on her knowledge in an easy-to-understand and approachable way. I’ve learned so much from Amy in these past few months and consider myself lucky to be taught by one of the best. You won’t regret adding her to your team.”

Kaitlin Davis
Marketing Director, Clearent

PowerPost Digital

“AK Operations is without peer. Their ability to quickly deploy a proven process transformed our entire marketing operation in a matter of weeks.. Not only did they 5X our lead flow, they provided a template that our staff could easily understand and execute. Words to describe Amy:  Surgical, Efficient, Smart and Fearless. Without a doubt, the single most transformational partner/consultant we have ever hired.”

Dan Curran
Chief Executive Officer, PowerPost Digital

Sapper Consulting

“We’ve been working with Amy for about 5 months now, and she has totally transformed our inbound lead work flow. Her expertise combined with her will do attitude has been a dream to work with and our ROI is more than 600% in just 5 months.
If you are even considering working with her, stop and just do it. You’ll kick yourself for not starting sooner.”

Blake Vernon
Chief Revenue Office, Sapper Consulting


“What more can I say about the AK Operations team? The results speak for themselves. Whether it be diving deep into our analytics to refine our campaigns, coaching up our sales team on best practices, or collaborating with marketing, Krista and AK has quickly proven to be an invaluable partner of our team at Denim Social.”

Doug Wilber
CEO, DenimSocial