The Iron Pillar of 2021

Shelby Cutright

Senior Success Manager

Shelby’s career has largely been centered around working with startups and lean companies. She cut her teeth early on as an outbound sales representative, making cold calls and learning to position a company’s value quickly and effectively in emails. Her affinity for process improvement made it possible to hit goals consistently by working smarter.

It’s no wonder that Shelby now thrives as a Senior Account Manager at AK Operations. She specializes in taking her clients’ messages and values and then operationalizing them in some of the more complex systems and unique environments. Shelby notoriously fixes historically-tolerated CRM problems and aligns otherwise conflicting technologies, which gives her clients complete visibility and accurate measurement. Dubbed with the nickname “Duct Tape,” Shelby is also an expert at solving many of today’s common outbound challenges, like email sending domain management and sending time strategies.

Shelby lives with her partner and two children in St. Peters and, contrary to the fast pace and competitiveness of her day job, she enjoys slower weekends outside with her family and friends. 

From Amy:

“Shelby embodies equal parts smarts, hustle and goodness. Her servant’s heart has made her one of the biggest blessings to my mission with this company. She’ll generate million dollar deals for her clients and then, after a team-wide celebration, is the first to help any teammate or client with the little stuff, too. Shelby is a force to her clients because she offers them reassurance, confidence, strong direction, and complete execution. We joke that Shelby has clients ‘prepaying’ all the time, but if you sit in on one of her client calls, you’ll understand why.”

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Shelby’s Clients Rock!

The National Lacrosse League

The National Lacrosse League contracted AK Operations to manage its migration from SalesForce to Hubspot.  With massive amounts of data and little organization or value driving campaigns, AK Operations took the reigns and reinvented the CRM database and consumer experience.  They managed the technical migration from one platform to another and also built out a compelling, and revenue generating workflow for each target audience. The accountability to launch was extremely high and the account management leading up to and during that moment has been beyond stellar. Shelby is extremely diligent, precise, and communicative.  She always reached out and provided updates and information that we needed at every step of our project.  She went above and beyond, is a true problem solver, and probably over delivered.

Katie Lavin,
Vice President of Marketing, The National Lacrosse League

Medi Leadership

AK Operations has accelerated our speed to implement a robust marketing and sales process within MEDI Leadership. They have taken the time to get to know our services and people to get us to the right people for marketing and sales conversations.  I know that I can connect with anyone at AK Operations to help me problem solve our marketing and sales pipeline issues. This is one of my favorite partnerships and love working with this team.

Deena Fischer,
Medi Leadership

LS Networks

Amy and her team are amazing.  I knew within minutes of meeting her that she knew what she is doing and she could / would take LS Networks to the next level with our marketing initiatives. There are few vendors partnerships that are special and this is one! Now, about Shelby… Shelby is very professional and extremely knowledgeable.  She is passionate about her job and marketing and it shows with every engagement we have with her. We consider Shelby an extend our team and are excited to continue our journey with our automation.

Strider Denison,
Vice President Of Commercial Sales and Marketing, LS Networks

MEDI Leadership

At MEDI Leadership, we have valued our partnership with AKOperations and Shelby feels like a natural extension of our marketing team. She is someone who helps keep us organized to keep us on target and makes wonderful suggestions for areas where we need to pivot. She is someone that you can count on for leadership, ideas, getting things completed and showing the results. The team is quite impressive and I appreciate the authenticity and transparency we receive from Shelby and the team at AKOperations. I know that Shelby always has our back and will keep us moving forward. She is always coming up with innovative approaches to marketing automation and her skills are quite impressive.

Deena M. Fischer, MA, AC
Business Development and Operations | Executive Coach, MEDI Leadership

TDC Life

Shelby is a warm and genuine person, an absolute delight that I look forward to working with every week. She is a consistent and steadfast partner who always delivers, I am so grateful to have her in my corner!

Erynne Lopez,
TDC Life

Security Advisor

AK Ops has been amazing! They quickly enhanced our HubSpot and created a top of funnel lead machine. Amy and Shelby put together marketing and sales sequences that immediately generated hundreds of MQLs and several meetings. I’m very impressed with the team and am not hesitating to continue working with AK Ops.

Marya Munir
VP of Marketing, Security Advisor


Shelby is a fantastic partner and an essential member of the UBC team. When she joined, she quickly learned our systems and processes, and was able to significantly improve our lead generation function. Not only are our prospects now hearing from us on a regular basis, receiving content that is specific to their interests, but we also have the ability to generate quality leads for the Sales Team. Using a data driven approach, Shelby has done a great job providing key insights that allow us to improve our content/messaging where appropriate, so we are no longer flying blind.

Michael Montagnon,
VP of Sales, UBC

We ♥ Serving Sales Teams

Our clients rock


AK operates as a true part of our team – especially Anna and Sara. They are analytical, thoughtful, data driven, and fun to work with on sales & marketing – and their technical ability to manage our CRM/Hubs platform is strong. AK rolls up their sleeves to be a true team player, jumping into whatever is needed to make the business successful. They are creative and agile in nature, which is important as we learn to scale our GTM efforts.

Stephen Bulfer,
CEO / Co-founder, Streamloan


Anna is smart, efficient, creative, and a joy to work with. I look forward to our meetings every week because I know she’ll have good news, in-depth analysis, and a great new idea for increasing engagement or streamlining our processes.

Arrianne Price,
COO Sicura


Imagine waking up every day with an average of 3-4 emails a day from warm leads that are being forwarded over to you. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought before working with AK Ops and Danielle Matthews. They are “difference makers” inside and outside of the workplace. They truly go above and beyond for their clients. Danielle is a rockstar. She is encouraging, disciplined, and equally determined as I am. I am glad to have her as my account manager.

Gavin DeWitt,
Sales at BotDoc


Amy and team have been a phenomenal addition to our marketing efforts, becoming an integral piece of our go to market team. Lead by the amazing Sara Bray, AK has driven significant top of funnel growth through multiple channels. The amount of time and dedication to our account is second to none, allowing us to hone in on what is working, making macro and micro adjustments to achieve a broad spectrum of specific KPIs. Thank you!

Ben Kanner
CEO, Worklete

Security Advisor

AK Ops has been amazing! They quickly enhanced our HubSpot and created a top of funnel lead machine. Amy and Shelby put together marketing and sales sequences that immediately generated hundreds of MQLs and several meetings. I’m very impressed with the team and am not hesitating to continue working with AK Ops.

Marya Munir
VP of Marketing, Security Advisor

Instant Teams

The AK team has brought the knowledge where we have gaps. They quickly came into our CRM and company to make immediate improvements to our sales operations. We are about 4 weeks into our partnership with Amy and Krista and already noticing a major impact to our top of the funnel! Specifically, Krista has been amazing. She is attentive to my questions and concerns. I am started to end all of my communications to Krista with, “I so appreciate you”, because I truly, truly do. She has added a great deal of value to our sales team and how we operate. This allows me the time to focus on other revenue generating activities.

Liz Scruggs
VP of Sales, Instant Teams

Sparrow Connected

AK Operations has been instrumental in our success. Their ability to run campaigns, configure out marketing automation workflows and keep everything on track has been nothing short of amazing. Sara has been awesome. She is responsible, easy to work with and knowledgeable. She is part of our team and is focused on our success.

Chris Izquierdo
CEO, Sparrow Connected


We just finished our quarterly performance review and wanted to share the great progress generated by the work of Mallory and the AK team! Our new meetings have increased by 62.5% and the number of new proposals is up by 81.25% (the total $ in new proposals is up 86.75%)!! This is proof of the value of the diligent work, creative thinking and strategic guidance from Mal and the team. In 2 words…Game Changing!

Fred Schonenberg
CEO, VentureFuel


AK Ops has transformed our sales operations in a matter of months. We used to spend a lot of time, energy and money searching for leads each month. Now, the right leads are delivered to us at the right time, shortening our sales process and generating consistent opportunities. Mallory is a rockstar and manages our account, working with our team daily to make sure they have the lowest-hanging fruit at their fingertips to maximize productivity. AK Ops has been a game changer for Fuse.Cloud.

Michael Fowler
Chief Revenue Officer, Fuse.Cloud


“What more can I say about the AK Operations team? The results speak for themselves. Whether it be diving deep into our analytics to refine our campaigns, coaching up our sales team on best practices, or collaborating with marketing, Krista and AK has quickly proven to be an invaluable partner of our team at Denim Social.”

Doug Wilber
CEO, DenimSocial